American Tinnitus (William Shatner) 2 styles available

American Tinnitus (William Shatner)  2 styles available
Often referred to as "ringing in the ears", tinnitus is the medical term for chronic noise in the ear or head. As one of 12 million sufferers of tinnitus, William Shattner is committed to bringing the work of the American Tinnitus Foundation to the attention of the public so that we can fund research to alleviate this tragic condition. Just a few years ago, ther was no help for sufferers of tinnitus. Through the help of scientists and clinicians, there are now a number of procedures that bring relief to some tinnitus patients. Many of these advances have evolved from ATA research, but much remains to be done to achieve the goal of "silence". For more information on ATA and how you can help please call 1-800-634-8978 or visit their web site at