Baba Frost

Baba Frost
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Product Description

Baba Frost In any winter storm or snow filled frigid night, Baba Frost will warm you up just right.

Baba Frost always brings along a little warmth to any hearth and home.

He may be a frosty bright blue but Baba’s loving heart is warm. It’s true!

He is every snowman, boy and girl’s best friend. Skating, skiing and sledding every morn’ til day’s end.

Did you know, his flake filled coat will glitter and glow if you turn the lights down low?

Ho, Ho, Ho and a twinkling away he goes!

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Handpainted and Glittered in Poland.

•Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Santa Ornament.

•6.25" Tall