Berry Christmas

Berry Christmas
Item# 80092

Product Description

Holly Jolly Every year in JingleNog there is more preparation surrounding the selection of the annual “Merry Christmas” ornament. All of JingleNog gathers to ponder, paint and pose for the event. For 2.5 days the place is a virtual palette; a kaleidoscope of paint, glitter, ink, song, giggles and laughter. Then after 60 hours when the clock strikes twelve all brushes and glitter pots drop and the polar caucusing, lobbying and voting begins. The Great Polar Paint Council convenes at JingleHouse, counting and tallying votes as they are received and sending out the traditional smoke signal when the final winner has been determined. This piece was created by Donna honoring her friend Googlie Green’s favorite holiday greenery —the polar species of the Holly bush, the Jingle Holly. (Another story, another time Googlie swears by Jingle Holly’s superb teeth cleaning and flossing properties.)

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Italy

•Sterling Silver Lined Free Blown Merry Christmas Ball