Clearly Feathered

Clearly Feathered
Item# 80101

Product Description

Clearly Feathered Oh Clearly Feathered was she. Once upon a snow filled winter’s early eve I heard her sing, Her sweet voice called to me. I listened at the window near her nest and held my breath. The sweet chirps soon faded into the diming light and all that was left was the memory as the evening turned to night.

I dreamed that night of a clear bodied bird dressed with golden vines and feathered touches. She sat perched on a golden egg in a glittering, snowflake filled nest. She glanced at me and began to sing and soon we were drifting ever so softly away from shore in a glittering swan shaped boat through a liquid silver stream. Angel haired clouds passed by as cherubs tossed stars into the sky. The crescent moon man soon was there and began to sing along. Snowflakes gently swirled and fell, creating a blanket on our hull. I closed my eyes, and then awoke, back in my bed, no bird, no moon, no boat. But a lonely flake landed on my nose and I knew I should believe. Now at night as I lay down to sleep, I close my eyes and listen for her. A sweeter song bird I have never heard.

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Italy

•24 Karat Fired Gold Trims

•Free Blown Glass Bird Ornament

•5" Tall