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Emmy Emmy appears to be a small and dainty sea sprite when you first meet her but mighty is Miss Emmy indeed. Emmy is a pure hearted gal patterned in a different stripe and color. She is determined to do and be the best she can in everything she sets out to do. Emmy embodies the true JingleNoggean spirit of sharing, caring & celebrating. Always ready to give advice to the guppies and tadpoles, she is a great mentor and teacher to all. She coaches the JingleNog swim team racers, letting them know which points they should work on to improve. She is always ready to lend a fin to any seamate in need. Our champion swimmer learned a lesson or two from the turtle and the hare. Up with the crows she greets each morning with a long list of things she must do. Our seahorse is one fine filly. She swims untold numbers of laps each day. A champion in the curl tail races, her record for the Salt Side Stakes stands untouched year after year.

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Decorated in Italy

•Free Blown Glass Sea Horse Ornament