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Product Description

Grampy Grampy is a very gifted but humble fellow who possesses many skills and talents. For instance, he is one of the greatest story tellers in all of time. Spinning yarns to legends, on many occasions, without walking on water, he has created waves in the crowd, moving them through both crests of laughter and swells of tears. He is also a gifted mathematician. This sweet elf has always been able to calculate and reason out any question of numbers posed to him. It was because of this gift for calculating that once upon a time he was placed by Claus into the weighty position of the Midnight Delivery Navigator, not a small task to take on. There is a lesson here. Just because one can in their head add, subtract, divide and multiply any variable of digits, integers or fractions does not mean that they can plot out the straightest of courses with the most efficient use of deer power. The year that Grampy held the navigator position was as Claus still describes to this day “the longest ride of his life.” Flu season was upon JingleNog that Christmas Eve morning and every deer in the barn was suffering from a fever, an ache or a severe cold. A new flight crew had to be brought in. They would be untrained and unrehearsed. They pulled the best from Lapland, North America and Siberia. The new team of rookies were eager for the task. Never before having read a flight plan they thought it was all grand and they were having a blast. So Grampy saddled and reined the new team of 8, while the other elves followed his directions and loaded the sleigh. No one forewarned him that deer need a great running start. You must load outside the barn or they cannot take off! So after unloading and reloading the sleigh, Santa and his team of temps went on their way. From pillar to post, from chimney to stoop, they flew, and they flew and they looped and they re-looped. Finally when they arrive home in the end Santa declared “Thank goodness we are here, I did not think we would make it. It was the longest ride ever! The journey without end!” Grampy agreed, and was relieved they were home. He presented Claus with a present that he had carefully wrapped, a brass compass with speedometer that now stays in the sleigh’s sack. From that night on, Santa always follows the straightest way home. Grampy was happily reappointed and went on to do great things. This is the end of this tale. One chapter, one story told, just one of Grampy’s many, many long bearded tales...

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Handpainted and Glittered in Poland.

•Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Santa Ornament.

•7" Tall