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Holidazzle Toppings The top of Baba’s walking stick inspired Holidazzle Toppings. We saw him slowly walking home in a North gale force wind blizzard once. His coat was pulled close to his body by his folded arms, collar up, his entire body struggled against the elements, but the walking stick did not waiver. Another time in the foggiest of nights, he approached home after a three month journey, walking stick in hand. This time the stick was a beacon. The red and green inner core shone out into the night, pulling him down the narrow path to JingleNog and home. We have heard tales of Everest ascents and Mont Blanc treks where Baba’s waking stick led him through the unseen passes safely to his destinations. Sailor’s Delight will sail out to guide you home but Holidazzle Toppings will lead you there. This guide post is one that everyone should have near them. The perfect holiday topper.

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland. •Sterling Silver Lined Free Blown Glass Tree Topper

•18" Tall