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Iggie Iggie hails from the coast of South America, via Galapagos, with stints and stops in Antarctica, South Africa, Southern Australia and New Zealand too. His rookery’s path and lineage can be traced back over 40 million years but no penguin stands out at the art of ice sculpting like Iggie. Our penguin is a world renowned ice cutter and sculptor. He developed his cutting, blocking and cubing techniques along side the well known scissor hands. Taking classes in ice aesthetics and igloo architecture, before he was one, he graduated first in his class. He mastered the art of the igloo by the young age of two, and without a moment’s rest moved on to build the first of his ice Condo Colony Towers by the time he was three. The colony’s complex is embedded in JingleNog’s great berg, with a water slide off every balcony and a running fish filled stream through the lobby, F. Gehry allegedly was quoted as saying upon seeing it that he wished he had doodled and dreamed it, but he didn’t, and might we add that F.L. Wright would be proud! First thought to be a passing fad, but soon the ice housing trend was everywhere, sprinkling the globe from Sweden, to Finland, Canada and Romania. Iggie cut and cubed the way for others to follow. The ice house concept has become a sustaining yearly winter favorite in freezing parts south of JingleNog. If you ever make it up our way we can show you the ice master’s etchings and his original works!

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Penguin Ornament

•5.25" Tall