Baba's Pilka

Baba's Pilka
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Product Description

Baba's Pilka Deep in the maze of alleyways in the casbah they were spotted. Behind the copper pots and the brass lanterns Baba’s Pilka and Babatop glistened in the dim light. Had I found them or had they found me? The pings of gold glitter and vibrant green vines and leaves called to me. Their shiny red lacquer seemed as brilliant as a firebird’s wings. My heart was racing as we quickly did the cursory haggling with the shopkeeper so he would not suspect how anxious we were to get them. Then they were ours. Wrapped in worn strips of cloth and newspaper we carried them home to JingleNog on the last flight out that night. I would occasionally unwrap a corner on the plane ride home just to peek at them, still not believing what I had found. I had heard of these pieces. They were just as Claus had so often described them and I had found them! Lost to him many years ago in a series of mysterious events he would often speak of the Baba’s Pilka and Babatop fondly and wished that one day he would see them again. They were finally on their way home again to JingleNog. The originals now sit in Claus antique barrister book cases under the careful watch of Santa Paws. We have created these replicas to share with you. A small part of the Claus family private collection. We hope you enjoy them.

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Handpainted and Glittered in Poland.

•Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Ornament.

•6" Tall