Peppo Stack

Peppo Stack
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Product Description

JingleNog’s Peppie, Peppo and Sno-Mint created the PeppoStack for Santa to express their thanks and love. We found the note that they attached touching so we would like to share it with you—

Dear Santa, These three gifts are yours to keep and to share. This trio of presents, just like us, are held together by our friendship and love. The bond that love has formed grows sweeter, deeper and more lovely with time. While we view each other as individual treasures, we are a happy bunch that belong together. Beautiful on their own, this stack of three is a priceless gift when brought together. Combined as one this is a present that cannot be purchased or replaced, just like our love and friendship with you and Mrs. Claus. We thank you for everything that you do and for everything that you have inspired us to do. We love you!

XOXO, Peppie, Peppo and Sno-Mint

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland. •Sterling Silver Lined Molded GlassSnowman Ornament

•6" Tall