Pinus Pladius

Pinus Pladius
Item# 80087

Product Description

Pinus Pladius, Oh noble tree of glittery fir. Whose boughs can be shaken but the limbs do not stir.

Much like the often misunderstood egg bearing Platypus, Pladius is many times misclassified and not recognized as itself, a pure red hearted pine, patterned with the JingleNog plaid named no other than Pladius.

It is patterned, that’s clear, with a warp and a weft, a plaid is a plaid, as it runs right to left. The repeat is there, the silhouette is seen, it must be a plaid clad pine. No this is not a dream.

No mobius strips to untangle in mind, No Gladius, Maxiumus, Felicitous or Naughtiest.

No noblisse oblige, This is everyone’s tree. Yours, you, mine and me. Please just go right ahead and declare this a tree!

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Tree Ornament

•6.25" Tall