Santa Paws

Santa Paws
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Product Description

Santa Paws Santa’s Muttie mix “Paws” is the ultimate lap pooch. He cannot stop showing his affection for all with a good jump and lick greeting. He simply just cannot get enough or give enough love. Always found snoozing at Claus’ feet in the evening, he is totally devoted to his best friend. Paws has often asked Santa if he can join him on the yearly ride. Santa promised he could after he finished training. Paws has not been able to graduate, as he cannot control his joy on rooftop landings and barks. Santa fears that this will cause the creatures to stir throughout the house, so Paws has not yet been able to make the journey. This year, we have high hopes for this loveable fellow, but he is one excitable boy.

Item Details •Mouth Blown,Handpainted and Decorated in Poland.

•Silver Lined Molded Glass Dog Ornament.

•5" Tall