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Product Description

Teresa Teresa, or The Teresas as the group is known, are the back up singers at every JingleNog musical performance. They are always found as a trio, waiting patiently in the wings, hands clasped and heads in the clouds for the next act to begin. Ready to take to the stage at a moment’s notice without any rehearsals, they believe in their motto “Let nothing make you afraid, this alone is enough and this alone will never change.” They perform beautifully both individually and a cappella, but they all love nothing more than being the back up ladies for the bands. They create a rock and roll heaven with their sweet ethereal voices. Gently swaying in pure angelic unison and in peaceful accord, they leave the audience on their feet or knees with their hands together, all at one, in a state of heavenly musical bliss. Their renditions of “Let Nothing Trouble You” and “All Things Pass Away” we are sure leave a smile on their namesake’s face.

“Oh, let nothing trouble you. Our love for you is true, true, true...and so we, we, we sing, sing, sing, as one for you...”

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland.

•Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Angel Ornament.

•5.75" Tall

* Sold Individually