Item# 1381
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Product Description

The sublime beauty of tropical flowers makes for a sophisticated expression. Our florists will create a spectacular display selecting the finest from birds of paradise, protea, anthurium, eucalyptus, and exotic greens and others artistically arranged in a deep wicker planter. (Basket will vary.) It’s a flattering, luxurious gift that will leave a lasting impression whatever the occasion.

*Optional Upgrades

The bouquet you selected can be upgraded by one of our designers. Choose deluxe or premium if you would like to enhance your selection with more fresh flowers.

As shown Flowers will be arranged approximately as shown on our website.

Deluxe orders contain more flowers in the style and color of the original arrangement.

Premium orders contain more blooms and are designed with even higher-quality flowers.

Please Note: If you are ordering roses, we will upgrade your vase and filler, but the number of roses will not change.